The issue will be devoted to the following topic:

Humanism, Posthumanism and Transhumanism in the Asian Past and Present

Traditional European humanism focused on the white, Western, and male humans. Today, it is experiencing bankruptcy in the face of neoliberalist, profit- and market-oriented social paradigms. On the other hand, the ideas of subjectivity and humanism are among the central axiological foundations of modernization and form an important part of the European heritage of ideas that still prevails in the ideational foundations of modern social systems on a global scale, shaping and determining their intellectual, legal, and ideological paradigms. Therefore, the aspects of humanism that preserve and develop human dignity, integrity and the quality of human life must be revived, updated and adapted to the needs of our time. In today's globalized world, they must be brought into a fruitful relational, dialogical and dialectical relationship with similar and related traditions of non-European cultures.

In this context, the special issue will focus on the study of Asian traditions.

We invite authors to contribute to this special issue articles that focus on analyzes and interpretations of various Asian models of humanism, posthumanism, and transhumanism.

We are very interested in the following (and many other similar) topics:

  • various culturally conditioned conceptions of the human Self and specifically Asian ways of conceptualizing human freedom and autonomy,
  • alternative conceptions of personhood,
  • critique of traditional humanism and introduction of different models of posthumanism,
  • ecological humanism and posthumanism,
  • different culturally conditioned models of interpersonal ethics and intersubjectivity,
  • different critical approaches to anthropocentrism and different alternatives by which it can be replaced,
  • the relationships between humans and the digital world and different digital identities,
  • ideas and models of cyber-humanity: cyborgs, hybrid beings, and notions of multiple selves,
  • avatars and the diversity of notions of personhood,
  • ethics of biotechnologies and bioengineering.

Here is the schedule with the relevant deadlines:

Submission of papers: March 15, 2023

Online publication: September 15, 2023

Publication of the printed issue: September 20, 2023

I look forward to your contributions and send you my warmest greetings on behalf of the Editorial Board,

Jana S. Rošker