New Developments in Chinese Studies of Contemporary Inductive Logic


  • REN Xiaoming Department of Philosophy, Nankai University, China



inductive logic, Hume’s problem, China, new developments


Contemporary Chinese studies in inductive logic have long revolved around the unfolding of a philosophical investigation into Hume’s problem. Led by research in probabilistic logic, the principal content of contemporary Chinese logic consists of research into Pascalean and non-Pascalean probabilistic logic, precise and imprecise probabilistic logic, pure inductive logic and material inductive logic. A newly arisen trend in the development of Chinese inductive logic is represented by the research on causal inference, which came into vogue within the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in the last few years. Consequently, the future developmental tendency will probably gravitate towards the new paradigms that will emerge from the mutual contest and interactions between probabilistic logic and causal logic.



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