The Gadamerian Discourse in China and the Fusion of Aesthetic Realms


  • Jana S. ROŠKER University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Slovenia



Gadamer, Zhuangzi, jingjie, fusion of horizons, fusion of aesthetic realms


Based on comparative philosophical methodology, this paper presents a new hermeneutic method for interpreting Chinese (especially ancient Chinese) texts. It first introduces the rich tradition of Chinese hermeneutics and then analyses its possible dialogues with European hermeneutic methods, especially Gadamer’s “fusion of horizons”. It identifies some methodological problems inherent in this method and, on this basis, proposes the application of a new hermeneutic method that may be more suitable for the interpretation of traditional Chinese metaphysical and literary texts. It is based on the traditional philosophical-aesthetic notion of jingjie 境界. The author preliminarily refers to this method as a “fusion of aesthetic realms”.


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10. 01. 2023

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