• Jana S. Rošker University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Slovenia



transcultural philosophy, postcomparative philosophy, Asia, Europe


The present issue is the second part of the special double issue entitled Transcultural (Post)Comparative Philosophy and deals with more concrete examples or demonstrations of the theory presented in the first part. The articles in this issue contrastively analyse philosophers, theories, methods, and exchanges between Asian and European philosophical discourses. The subtitle of the volume is therefore Philosophical Dialogues between Asia and Europe: From Plotinus to Heidegger and Beyond.


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Amarantidou, Dimitra, and Paul J. D’Ambrosio. 2022. “Philosophy Pizza: On the Possibility of Trans-Cultural Pizzas and/Or Philosophy.” Asian Studies 10 (3): 183–99. DOI:

Bartosch, David. 2022. “Transcultural Philosophy and Its Foundations in Implicate Logic.” Asian Studies 10 (3): 107–26. DOI:

Carleo III, Robert A. 2022. “The Gongfu Approach to Teaching and Doing Chinese Philosophy across Cultures.” Asian Studies 10 (3): 13–38. DOI:

Dolinšek, Sašo. 2022. “Desire Versus Ego: On How Kaneko Fumiko Transcended Stirnean Egoism.” Asian Studies 10 (3): 241–72. DOI:

Li, Chenyang. 2022. “Chinese Philosophy as a World Philosophy.” Asian Studies 10 (3): 39–58. DOI:

Moeller, Hans-Georg. 2022. “Before and After Comparative Philosophy.” Asian Studies 10 (3): 201–24. DOI:

Mou, Bo. 2022. “A Holistic Account of Adequacy Conditions for How to Look at Contraries: How Cross-Tradition Engagement in Philosophy Is Possible.” Asian Studies 10 (3): 157–79. DOI:

Ott, Margus. 2022. “The Problem of Ground in Comparative Philosophy: Quality, Quantity, Intensity.” Asian Studies 10 (3): 225–39. DOI:

Rošker, Jana S. 2022a. “Sublating Sinic Relationism: On a Winding Path from Transcultural to Global Ethics.” Asian Studies 10 (3): 81–104. DOI:

———. 2022b. “Looking Back on Problems of Transcultural Methodology in Asian Studies: A Short Historical Reflection.” Asian Studies 10 (3):275-80. DOI:

Silius, Vytis. 2022. “Translation as a Philosophical Method: A Postcomparative Take on the Universality-Particularity Tension.” Asian Studies 10 (3): 59–80. DOI:

van Brakel, Jaap, and Lin Ma. 2022. “Manifest Quasi-Universals and Embedding Conceptual Clusters: The Case of Qíng 情.” Asian Studies 10 (3): 127–56. DOI:



10. 01. 2023

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