Specifika koncepta praznine v zenu in nespremenljiva narava sebstva


  • Milan KAPETAN Oddelek za azijske in afriške študije, Filozofska fakulteta, Univerza v Ljubljani




Zen, Tao, emptiness, prajna, wu, wu wei


The heart of Zen is Buddhist wisdom which means realization of Buddhist emptiness. This leads to awakening and enlightenment. Zen is considered as fusion of Buddhist, Daoist and Confucian elements. The usage of Daoist and Confucian terms in Zen often leads to misunderstanding of  the Buddhist concept of emptiness. Emptiness is an insight that all things appear through dependent interactions and are impermanent which means that they don't have unchangeable nature of self identity. All in all the concept of emptiness is difficult to grasp and wrong understanding of this concept can lead a practicioner to have a nihilistic view of the world and makes him or her not follow buddhist percepts.



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1. 12. 2012

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