The Jain Ontological Model according to Kundakunda and Umāsvāti


  • Ana BAJŽELJ Department of Philosophy Faculty of Arts University of Ljubljana Slovenia



Jainism, ontology, identity, difference, permanence, change


Jainism proposes a unique theory of reality in which the extreme positions of absolute identity and permanence on the one hand and absolute difference and change on the other are avoided in favour of integrative ontology. Here, identity and difference as well as permanence and change are coordinated. The vertical and horizontal descriptions of the nature of reality are reflected in the basic definitions of substance and existence. This paper examines how this ontology is outlined in the works of Kundakunda and Umāsvāti.





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30. 04. 2013

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BAJŽELJ, Ana. 2013. “The Jain Ontological Model According to Kundakunda and Umāsvāti”. Asian Studies 1 (1): 3-16.

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