New Investigations in the School of Names


  • Zuoli Wang



nomenalism, school of names, the sophists, the study of names


Studies of names and argumentation from the pre-Qin period represent a precious inheritance left behind by ancient Chinese thinkers. As one of the schools from the pre-Qin period, nomenalism made a great contribution to the study of names. Modern research on nomenalism has been greatly affected by the Han Dynasty historians. However, their introduction to the school is vague. In respect to nomenalism, there are some unsolved problems that still need to be clarified and have not been noticed by many scholars. The present thesis analyses the characteristics and functions of nomenalism; it discusses the relations between nomenalists and sophists and epitomises their contributions to the study of names.


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Author Biography

  • Zuoli Wang
    Wang Zuoli, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Nankai University, Tianjin.


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1. 12. 2010



Reinterpretations of Logic and Science

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