Nakamura Ryûtarô’s Anime, Serial Experiments, Lain (1998)


  • Tamae KOBAYASHI PRINDLE Colby College



embodiment, analogue, digital, mind, body



This paper introduces Nakamura Ryūtarō’s anime, Serial Experiments, Lain (1998) as a new type of anime, a genre nameable as an “expository anime”, for the reason that it creates a diachronic story out of a synchronic aspect of a certain field of science. The overarching topic of Experiments is electronics, focusing on the comparison between digital and analogue communication systems. Experiments unfolds the rationales, potentials, and effects of the two types of communication systems using the perceptions of the major character, a thirteen-year old girl, Rein, as well as other supporting characters.



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Author Biography

  • Tamae KOBAYASHI PRINDLE, Colby College

    East Asian Studies Department



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