The Importance of Augustin Hallerstein for Cultural and Political Relations with China and Korea


  • Mitja SAJE Department of Asian and African Studies, Faculty of Arts University of Ljubljana



Hallerstein, Qing dynasty, Jesuits, astronomy, science



Since symbols of early cultural relations between Europe and East Asia are important, we are striving to restore the image of Augustin Hallerstein (1703–1774) in China and earn his legacy its appropriate position in the history of the Qing dynasty next to other great Jesuits like Adam Shall von Bell (1591–1666), Ferdinand Verbiest (1623–1688), or Ignatius Kogler (1680–1746). A two-year EU project made possible the publication of a monograph in English, which was translated into Chinese and published in China in February 2015. Wider popularization of his achievements should be beneficial to Slovenia as well as to China, where he did his work. Such common heroes of the past could often be used to promote better understanding and cooperation between China and Slovenia. Through strong connections with Korean scholars he gained a high reputation in Korea as well.



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30. 12. 2015

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