On the Simplest Reading of Bartol’s Alamut


  • Tahereh AHMADIPOUR vali-e-asr university of rafsanjan in iran




Bartol’s Alamut, Hasan Sabbah, historical Criticism, Slovene literature


Bartol’s Alamut as a valuable Slovenian literary work has been exposed to several interpretations for more than 70 years. The simplest or maybe the most credulous reading of this book is the one that considers it as a history book. This reading deems that the novel literally narrates the political and social events of Iran in the 11th century, the time that the Ismailis with Hasan Sabbah as the leader ruled over Alamut Castle. In this article the novel’s most important interpretations have been provided by discussing the deliberate critical essays through content analysis and historical criticism of the happenings. Then by using some important historical documents and relevant evidence, some events and persons of that time have been detected. The main aim of the article is to show that while Bartol incorporated a vast knowledge of the history of the Middle East as the core part of his novel, he also regarded his own nation and the miserable events of his own country. As a matter of fact he sent a harsh message through creating his own Hasan Sabbah, without any concern for the history.


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  • Tahereh AHMADIPOUR, vali-e-asr university of rafsanjan in iran

    Linguistics department

    Associate professor


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29. 02. 2016

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