Študija literarnih likov v moderni korejski književnosti skozi izbrana dela Dong-in Kima


  • Byoung Yoong KANG University of Ljubljana




Kim Dong-in, Korean modern literature, Heroic Villain (Heroic Evil), Alienated Character, Inferior Character (Untermensch)


The article is a summary of a master’s thesis which deals with the characters in the literary works of Kim Dong-in (김동인 1900–1951), an important representative of modern Korean literature. In the twentieth century, new literary movements started to develop in Korea, introducing deviations from the established practices of writing, and the testing of new literary genres. It is within this context that the works of Kim Dong-in are to be classified and understood. The article discusses the three most important types of literary characters that appear in Kim Dong-in’s works. There are no strict boundaries between these types, as a character of one particular type may exhibit properties of another. It is however important to be aware that through such characters Kim Dong-in tries to express his own concepts and ideas about aesthetics and naturalism, and it is the emergence of such characters, previously unknown in Korean literature, that established him as a pioneer in this field.


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10. 08. 2016

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