Li Zehou’s “Harmony is Higher than Justice”: Context and a Collaborative Future


  • Paul D'Ambrosio East China Normal University



Li Zehou, ethics, harmony, justice


In this paper I will delve into Li Zehou’s idea that “harmony is higher than justice (hexie gaoyu zhengyi 和諧高於正義)”. Firstly, I will situate this proposal within the context of the contemporary debate on harmony and justice in Western and Chinese traditions. The position Li holds generally belongs to those who see justice and harmony as representative of a West-East difference. However, it can be developed to promote a more nuanced understanding. After giving due consideration, brief though it must be, to his argument, I will sketch some of the other major views on the relationship between harmony and justice, providing a critique from Li’s perspective. In the final section I seek to expand on Li’s theory by outlining a more collaborative path for thinking about harmony and justice.


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10. 01. 2020



On the edge between Politics and Ethics:Relationship between Harmony and Justice

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D'Ambrosio, Paul. 2020. “Li Zehou’s ‘Harmony Is Higher Than Justice’: Context and a Collaborative Future”. Asian Studies 8 (1): 127-46.

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