Diversifying Academic Philosophy

The Post-Comparative Turn and Transculturalism


  • Vytis Silius Vilnius University, Lithuania




academic philosophy, homogeneity, comparative philosophy, post-comparative philosophy, transcultural studies, comparative studies, post-comparative studies


The article asks why, in Western universities, the success of the academic field of comparative philosophy has so far failed to significantly diversify the curricula of academic philosophy. It suggests that comparative philosophy has mainly relied on the same approaches that have made academic philosophy Eurocentric, namely, on the history of philosophy as the main mode of teaching and researching philosophy. Further, post-comparative philosophy and transcultural studies are presented as providing tools to address the foundations of the institutional parochialism of academic philosophy, while preserving one of the most fundamental tenets of philosophy—the quest for universal knowledge that transcends cultural particularities.


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20. 05. 2020

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