Ritual Process and Symbolic Transformation in Cultural Landscapes of Proto-Urban Bactria

Introduction and Reflections on the New Book by Nona Avanesova


  • Vladimir I. Ionesov Samara State Institute of Culture, Samara, Russia




Bronze Age, Sapalli culture, Buston VI, Nona Avanesova, mortuary practice, ritual and symbols


The focus of this discussion is a recent book on the Bronze Age Proto-Bactrian culture of Southern Uzbekistan. I dare say that there are some books that inspire us to study monuments, and there are some monuments that inspire us to write books. But there are some books that become scientific monuments themselves in documenting the archaeological artefacts in the form of texts, messages, and narratives. Among such academic works is the monograph Buston VI – the Necropolis of Fire-worshippers of Pre-urban Bactria (Samarkand: IICAS, 2016. – 634 pp. ISBN 978-9943-357-36-5), recently published by the International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS).


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