The New World Order and the Unmasking of the Neo-Colonial Present


  • Lilijana Burcar University of Ljubljana



neo-colonialism, cultural racism, economic dominance, torture, Chile


In his dramatic sketch The New World Order Pinter exposes practices of psychological and physical abuse targeted at local people who resist neo-colonial advancements in territories directly occupied or indirectly controlled by Western hegemonic powers. Through the deployment of Pinteresque double-layered meanings conveyed through seemingly ordinary, everyday language, the drama unveils the ideological premises and operating principles of neo-colonial discourse. The paper discusses the way Pinter blasts apart a seemingly neutral Western rhetoric of humanitarian militarism, focusing on the discursive strategies by means of which neo-imperial violence, torture and massive dispossession of local populations are justified and naturalized.


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1. 06. 2012

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Burcar, L. (2012). The New World Order and the Unmasking of the Neo-Colonial Present. ELOPE: English Language Overseas Perspectives and Enquiries, 9(1), 29-40.