Towards a Methodological Approach for Frame Identification and Analysis in Translation


  • Daniel Dejica Politechnic University of Timisoara



frame analysis, information universe, translation process, translation methodology


Frame analysis is a relatively new methodological approach which shows how people understand activities or situations. It originated in sociology and its application to translation has not been considered practically or theoretically yet, though the advantages may be manifold. Consisting of two main parts, this paper presents a methodology for frame identification and analysis, and suggests this be applied to the translation of pragmatic texts. The first part presents the concepts of frame and frame analysis as they appear in literature and as they are interpreted in this paper for translation purposes. $e second part focuses on the exemplification of a methodological framework which includes the integration of frames into the translation process. It is shown that by using frames, translators can obtain the cognitive image of the text, create various versions of the source text in the target language, and use translation strategies consistently and transparently.


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Dejica, D. (2010). Towards a Methodological Approach for Frame Identification and Analysis in Translation. ELOPE: English Language Overseas Perspectives and Enquiries, 7(1), 121–130.



Translation Studies