As They Wrote It - Students' Projects


  • Ljiljana Marković University of Niš
  • Nina Lazarević University of Niš



project-based instruction, higher education, magazine project, brochure project, language-related problems, language-unrelated problems, assessment


With the reformed curriculum introduced in Serbia, students have a more active role during their studies. Projects may help make students more ‘visible’ in the learning/teaching process by both providing a broader basis and catering to different interests of students. They also enable teachers to continuously follow and assess the work and achievements of students, thus taking the ‘burden’ off the final exam. Bearing that in mind, we organized a three-fold project for the third-year students at the English Department in Niš. The students could choose among writing for a magazine, acting in a drama club or translating a brochure. The paper will present the work in two projects: making a magazine for English students, and compiling a bilingual brochure for prospective students. The focus of this paper is on the students’ choice of topics included in the brochure/magazine, the stages in their work, as well as various challenges encountered during their individual and team work.


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Marković, L., & Lazarević, N. (2010). As They Wrote It - Students’ Projects. ELOPE: English Language Overseas Perspectives and Enquiries, 7(1), 89–104.



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