Slovene-English Contrastive Phraseology: Lexical Collocations


  • Primož Jurko University of Ljubljana



contrastive lexicology, contrastive phraseology, collocation, lexical collocation


Phraseology is seen as one of the key elements and arguably the most productive part of any language. %e paper is focused on collocations and separates them from other phraseological units, such as idioms or compounds. Highlighting the difference between a monolingual and a bilingual (i.e. contrastive) approach to collocation, the article presents two distinct classes of collocations: grammatical and lexical. %e latter, treated contrastively, represent the focal point of the paper, since they are an unending source of translation errors to both students of translation and professional translators. %e author introduces a methodology of systematic classification of lexical collocations applied on the Slovene-English language pair and based on structural (lexical congruence) and semantic (translational predictability) criteria.


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28. 05. 2010

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Jurko, P. (2010). Slovene-English Contrastive Phraseology: Lexical Collocations. ELOPE: English Language Overseas Perspectives and Enquiries, 7(2), 57-73.