Maritime Regionalism: A Reading of John Casey’s Novel Spartina


  • Stipe Grgas University of Zagreb



John Casey, spatiality, regionalism, sea, cultural imaginary


The theoretical framework within which the author reads John Casey’s novel Spartina is the renewed interest in the notion of the regional. The choice of the novel is additionally dictated by the fact it deals with the sea. As such it allows the author to discuss the sea both as it is positioned within the American cultural imaginary and the way that it is represented in works of literature. The article delineates how these two themes are thematized in the novel and what kind of insights they can provide about certain aspects of the American polity.


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20. 06. 2006

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Maritime Regionalism: A Reading of John Casey’s Novel Spartina. (2006). ELOPE: English Language Overseas Perspectives and Enquiries, 3(1-2), 183-192.