Anglistics as a Dialogic Discipline


  • Werner Delanoy University of Klagenfurt



dialogue, Anglistics, interdisciplinarity, culture, educational standards, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


In my article; dialogue is suggested as a basic direction for Anglistics. Such a perspective results from a normative notion of dialogue based on a set of particular criteria. In general terms; a case is made for (self)-critical and respectful confrontation with other viewpoints within and beyond Anglistics to further develop existing positions and to create new forms of co-operation. While in the first two sections this concept is introduced and applied to the discipline of Anglistics; the final section is focussed on an area of major conflict in contemporary ELT debates. In fact; a dialogic approach will be suggested for dealing with two opposite tendencies; one aiming for standardization and the other for a humanistic form of education.


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Delanoy, W. (2006). Anglistics as a Dialogic Discipline. ELOPE: English Language Overseas Perspectives and Enquiries, 3(1-2), 233–244.