Analysis of Language Learning Strategies Used by Students of Traffic Technology


  • Violeta Jurkovič University of Ljubljana



ESP, learning strategies, tertiary education


Language learning strategies play a vital role in the language acquisition process, and this includes the realm of ESP at the tertiary level of education. This contribution first defines the concept of language learning strategies and gives a historical background to language learning strategy research. The central section focuses on a comparative analysis of language learning strategies used by first year students of traffic technology at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in Portorož, University of Ljubljana. The analysis, based on Rebecca Oxford’s “Strategy Inventory for Language Learning”, aims to assess the students’ existing awareness of the process of language acquisition and the learning strategies that they use. Objectives of language teachers should include helping students to raise their awareness of language learning strategies and providing them with contexts for their development. Therefore, the concluding section contains sample ESP teaching materials and student instructions focusing on cognitive language learning strategies.



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22. 06. 2005

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Jurkovič, V. (2005). Analysis of Language Learning Strategies Used by Students of Traffic Technology. ELOPE: English Language Overseas Perspectives and Enquiries, 2(1-2), 209-221.