Human Rights Education in Foreign Language Learning


  • Melita Kukovec University of Maribor



human rights, education, personal development, foreign language learning


Today’s world is marked by numerous violations of human rights. As teachers, we would like to believe that future violations can be prevented through human rights education which empowers individuals to build and promote a universal human rights culture. Young people should be given the chance to practise what it means to live together in an open and free society while at school; they, therefore, need to be equipped with a knowledge of human rights and the skills to put these rights into practice.The paper addresses issues relating to including lessons on human rights into Slovene primary and secondary education as part of the foreign language learning syllabus, as well as the need to empower future teachers to react appropriately if their students reject other people’s perspectives out of hand, or even express radical ideas in class that run contrary to democratic values. It also presents various strategies for enabling future teachers to develop the skills necessary to implement human rights education.


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12. 06. 2017

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Kukovec, M. (2017). Human Rights Education in Foreign Language Learning. ELOPE: English Language Overseas Perspectives and Enquiries, 14(1), 13-24.