The Use of Speaking Strategies by Pre-Service EFL Teachers


  • Jelena Filipović University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Alenka Mikulec University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Ivana Cindrić University of Zagreb, Croatia



OCSI, pre-service EFL teachers, speaking, speaking strategies


Speaking is a language skill that dominates the notion of communicative language competence. Language teachers, especially early starters’ pre-service teachers, should undergo very intensive programmes of pronunciation practice as they will in many cases present the only models for their learners to imitate (Vilke 1993). To develop such fluency in speaking and propositional accuracy, students and prospective teachers should not only use but also be aware of a range of speaking strategies. This study examines pre-service EFL teachers’ perceived use of speaking strategies, as defined in the Oral Communication Strategy Inventory (Nakatani 2006). Since previous studies have identified various factors associated with learners' strategy use, we focused on determining whether the participants’ perceived strategy use is related to their EFL and speaking proficiency and their preference for engaging in speaking activities in their EFL classes. The results confirmed rather high strategy use, but the relation between the tested variables was only partially confirmed.


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Filipović, J., Mikulec, A., & Cindrić, I. (2019). The Use of Speaking Strategies by Pre-Service EFL Teachers. ELOPE: English Language Overseas Perspectives and Enquiries, 16(2), 15–31.



English Language and Literature Teaching