Primary School with a Four-Year Latin Programme

A Proposal for a State Funded Programme


  • Aleksandra Pirkmajer Slokan



state nine-year primary school, early humanities programme, elective subjects, extra-curricular activities, proposal for a four-year Latin programme


The subject of this discussion is the four-year elementary school Latin programme. Evolved in 1958 from the programme which had been in use before the 1958 school reform, it represents with its culture and civilisation topics a meaningfully enriched linguistic core of an early humanities programme. It is a self-contained whole as well as a prerequisite for the revival of advanced gymnasium levels. Appended is a proposal how to help the ŠOLP in state schools rise from the bottom which it had struck, although it had been fairly resilient and successful until the eight-year primary education was replaced by a nine-year programme. This drop may be attributed to unsuitable normatives rather than lack of interest. In this condition it stagnated through the first decade of the nine-year primary school and its own sixth decade (2008–2018), to find itself vita minima on the threshold of the seventh (2018–).


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