One Hundred Years after the Asia Minor Catastrophe

Its Echoes in Fiction


  • Lara Unuk University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Slovenia



Asia Minor Catastrophe, Greek prose, exile literature, collective memory


This paper presents the historical and cultural background of the fiction inspired by the Asia Minor Catastrophe. The Greco-Turkish war and the population exchange between both states in 1923 changed the ethnic structure in mainland Greece. While these events did make an impact on the development of the Greek novel, the refugee experience had not been integrated into the Greek collective memory at the time. On the other hand, it has been written about ever since 1924, the year of the first publication of The Number 31328 by E. Venezis, which was followed by novels by S. Doukas, S. Myrivilis, D. Sotiriou, K. Politis, R. Galanaki etc. These novels tend to foreground three thematic clusters: idyllic pastoral life in the old country, different aspects of the catastrophe itself, and the struggle to take root after the arrival in Greece; that is why P. Mackridge proposes to study them in the broader context of exile literature. According to Y. Papadopoulos, the present revival of the theme in pop culture is helping to incorporate it into the national collective memory.


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28. 12. 2023

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