Earlier Latin Grammars as (In)direct Sources for the First Slovene Grammar Written by Adam Bohorič


  • Kozma Ahačič Inštitut za slovenski jezik Frana Ramovša, ZRC SAZU Sekcija za zgodovino slovenskega jezika Novi trg 2 SI-1000 Ljubljana




Slovene language, grammar, Latin grammars, 16th cent.


The paper describes some possible sources, direct and indirect, for the grammar authored by the Slovene Protestant writer Adam Bohorič. Entitled Arcticae horulae succisivae de Latinocarniolana literatura(Winter Hours of Leisure on Latin-Carniolian Grammar), it was published in 1584 as the first grammar of Slovene. Since its language is Latin, the present discussion is limited to Latin grammar works.

The two direct sources of Bohorič's chapter on etymology are identified as the second or third set of editions of Melanchthon's grammar (i.e., the text as edited in 1540 by Iacobus Micyllus and slightly revised in 1550 by Joachim Camerarius) and as one of the (probably bilingual) editions of Donatus published before 1540 (perhaps the so-called "Torgauer Donat", of which we had access to the edition Aelii Donati Methodus ?eu Declinandi coniungandique prima elementa, pro pueris Alphabetarijs, rerum grammaticarum pror?us ignaris, diligentiori cura nunc primum concinata. Cum Epistola Phil. Mel., Vitebergae, 1542). The direct source of Bohorič's chapter on syntax is identified as the second set of editions of Melanchthon's syntax, edited in 1538 by Vitus Oertelius Winshemius. The editions of Melanchthon's Latin grammar and syntax not used by Bohorič are likewise treated in detail.

Among the indirect sources, there is a brief reference to Priscian's oeuvre, with detailed descriptions reserved for the major Latin humanist grammars published before Bohorič's work: Valla, Perotti, Perger, Sulpicius, Nebrija, Manutius, Despauterius, Linacre, Alvarus, Scaliger, and Ramus.


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