Modern Literary Methods and the Hellenistic Greek Novel


  • Rahela Šibal



literary criticism, ancient novel, literary methods, Greek novel, Hellenistic novel


The article "Modern Literary Methods and the Hellenistic Greek Novel" mainly explores the approach of Slovene literary criticism to the Hellenistic Greek novel. The first part focuses on two Slovene studies, i.e. the preface of Dušan Pirjevec to Kafka's Castle and the preface of Primož Simoniti to the Aethiopic stories by Heliodorus, which are the only Slovene studies to deal with the topic from a strictly literary point of view. Preliminary to this discussion, however, the paper addresses the following issues:

1. What is the significance of introducing new methods into literary studies (including those dealing with ancient literature)?

2. Which are the new methods and how do they differ from the traditional ones?

3. What have been the implications of these changes for the novel in general, which was a neglected genre for centuries and only flourished as late as the twentieth century, both in terms of productivity and as an object of literary theory?

4. What has the development in the studies of the novel brought specifically to the Hellenistic Greek novel?

5. What has been the response of the Slovene circles engaged in research into the ancient Greek novel?

Twentieth-century literary criticism developed new methods, which examined literature from new points of view and contributed to a better understanding of the art of literature. In terms of the three factors which constitute the object of literary studies, the interest of literary criticism moved from the first factor of the communication model, i.e. the author and production, to the second and third factors, i.e. the text and the reader or the recipient. The Slovene articles examined in this paper were written before research into the ancient novel was influenced by these shifts. Therefore the paper continues by describing some of the modern methods which have proved conducive to better insights into the Hellenistic Greek novels and could serve as suggestions for future lines of research to be conducted in Slovenia.


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6. 12. 2002



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