Classical Literature in Elementary School Latin Lessons


  • Janja Žmavc Pedagoški inštitut, Gerbičeva 62, 1000 Ljubljana



ancient literature, Latin language, pedagogy, literary contents, elementary schools


In the aspiration to the humanitas, an integral upbringing and a broad education, classical literature cannot be omitted from Latin lessons even at the elementary school level of Latin language knowledge. By reading and the first attempts to interpret original and translated texts, the pupils form their own attitude towards what they have read, thereby also forming their attitude towards antiquity. Given the opportunity to read classical literature at an early age, their attitude towards antiquity will certainly change, perhaps even become more positive. They will gain a necessary independence of thought and a broader view as well.

The main goals in Latin literature lessons in elementary school are:

– to show: antiquity as a real historical era

– to encourage: reading of classical texts, independent and creative thinking, working with self-confidence and eagerness for knowledge

– to explore: classical heritage in modern culture

– to broaden: awareness of the cultural significance of antiquity as well as universal knowledge.



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6. 12. 2004



Pedagogical and Methodological Contributions

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