From Megiser to the Slovene Orthography Guide 2001: Chapters from the History of Slovenising Classical Names


  • Matej Hriberšek University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts



classical names, Slovenising classical names, history


The issue of Slovenising classical Greek and Latin names has long beset the Slovene language and Slovene classical philology with its related disciplines. The tradition of Slovenising classical names goes back at least to the grammar book by Adam Bohorič, Arcticae horulae, that is, over 400 years back. The Slovenisation of classical names has been, and continues to be, an intriguing topic, for much remains unresolved in this field despite many efforts; moreover, there are many differences of opinion even within classical philology itself, let alone between classical philology and other disciplines. The issue thus remains a challenge to classical philologists and related experts, as well as to Slovene Studies scholars and others. It is influenced by several factors: the existing Slovenisation rules, tradition and usage, language instinct and sensibility, analogy, and the expectations of various users, including both individuals and whole disciplines. The paper, outlining some of the most influential works and authors who have shaped this issue over time, presents the major chapters in its history.


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28. 12. 2016




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