The Journey of the Argonauts and Their Passage From The Danube Region to the Adriatic According to J. L. Schönleben

Where Did They Turn at the Ljubljana Gate, to the Vipava Valley or to Kvarner?


  • Igor Škamperle University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts



motif of travelling, Argonauts, J. L. Schönleben, Ljubljana Gate, Igor Škamperle


The article deals with the motif of travelling as it appears in the earliest prehistoric cultural productions. Attention is directed at the importance of the narrative by which the myths and poetic descriptions of travel assumed their overall form. The two fundamental models of the travel motif are Homer’s Odyssey and the Old Testament canon of the Bible. The article deals with the epic Argonautics by Apollonius of Rhodes from the Hellenistic era, highlighting an innovative and bold interpretation by the Slovenian Baroque writer J. L. Schönleben from the 17th century. Based on two Greek authors from late antiquity (5th century), Sozomen and Zosimus, he describes how Jason and the Argonauts founded Emona in 1222 BC and then reached the Adriatic by a hidden river passage running past Predjama, along the Vipava and Soča rivers.


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