Lesni sekanci - pomembna oblika biomase v Sloveniji

Wood chips – an important source of biomass in Slovenia


  • Dominika Gornik Bučar
  • Bojan Gospodarič




biomass, wood chips, quality of wood chips, trading


Slovenia has committed to achieve a 25% share of energy from renewable sources in the structure of final energy consumption by 2020. Wood biomass, besides hydropower, is the most important part of renewable energy in Slovenia. Despite the fact that the use of wood biomass is traditional and has become increasingly important in recent years, there is still a lot of uncertainty about insufficient production in the sale as well as in the purchase of various categories of wood biomass. The article presents information on the changed criteria for wood chips of different quality, in accordance with the current standards. We also studied various ways of trading wood chips and pointed the strengths and weaknesses of each. With a survey we wanted to find out the current trading pattern of wood chips and implementation of wood chip quality control in larger boiler plants in Slovenia. We have found that most-used trading method of wood chips is on the basis of volume, and that the quality control of wood chips is not systematically performed.


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Gornik Bučar, D., & Gospodarič, B. (2018). Lesni sekanci - pomembna oblika biomase v Sloveniji: Wood chips – an important source of biomass in Slovenia. Les/Wood, 67(1), 43-53. https://doi.org/10.26614/les-wood.2018.v67n01a04

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