Lastnosti bukovine in njena raba

Properties of beechwood and its use


  • Katarina Čufar
  • Željko Gorišek
  • Maks Merela
  • Jože Kropivšek
  • Dominika Gornik Bučar
  • Aleš Straže



European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.), wood properties, traditional wood use, innovative products, wooden construction, Slovenia


We present the structure as well as biological, physical and mechanical properties of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) wood in comparison with that of Norway spruce and selected hardwoods. Fine grain, high homogeneity, low anisotropy, medium to high density, favourable mechanical properties, machining, bonding, and finishing, as well as suitability for bending, are among the main advantages which enable wide use of beechwood. Large amounts of beechwood are currently used as fuel. However, for its optimal use, we should revitalize and increase the production of traditional and new semi-finished products like sawn timber, structural and decorative veneer, composite boards and products of chemical processing. In contrast, for energy purposes we should mainly use the residues from these wood-working procedures. According to the numerous favourable properties of beechwood and fairly good possibilities of increasing its durability, we should focus on the development of innovative products to increase its use for construction purposes in buildings.


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Čufar, K., Gorišek, Željko, Merela, M., Kropivšek, J., Gornik Bučar, D., & Straže, A. (2017). Lastnosti bukovine in njena raba: Properties of beechwood and its use. Les/Wood, 66(1), 27-39.

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