Qualitative/strategic analysis of selected value chains in the Slovenian forest and wood bioeconomy


  • Jože Kropivšek
  • Aleš Straže
  • Dominika Gornik Bučar




value chains, hardwood, forest-wood chain, SWOT, bioeconomy


Current global strategic directions promote the strengthening of green value chains. This opens up completely new potentials for the Slovenian forest-wood chain, which has faced several challenges in recent decades, including the increase in the share of deciduous trees in Slovenian forests. Therefore, it is necessary to establish or strengthen forest-wood value chains whose basic raw material is hardwood in different qualities. For the functioning of the whole chain it is important that all its links work and that the individual chains strictly follow the concept of marginal quality of the input raw material. The aim of the research was to conduct a qualitative strategic SWOT analysis of selected value chains in the Slovenian forest-wood bioeconomy and to identify and compare the main advantages and disadvantages of each chain, as well as to determine which of the value chains are particularly interesting for the development of the Slovenian forest-wood bioeconomy with a focus on hardwood processing. The results show that there are some weaknesses within the value chains, but there are many strengths, which can be used to effectively exploit opportunities and/or reduce risks, contributing to the successful further development of wood processing and all value chains.


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Kropivšek, J., Straže, A., & Gornik Bučar, D. (2023). Qualitative/strategic analysis of selected value chains in the Slovenian forest and wood bioeconomy. Les/Wood, 72(1), 35-48. https://doi.org/10.26614/les-wood.2023.v72n01a04

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