Shear strength of fish glue bonds of glued wood evaluated by the ABES method


  • Matic Sitar Zavod za gradbeništvo Slovenije
  • Andreja Pondelak Zavod za gradbeništvo Slovenije
  • Samo Grbec
  • Milan Šernek



fish glue, ABES, shear strength, adhesive bond, beech veneer, pressing temperature, pressing time


Detail of the development of the shear strength of fish glue in wood bonding using an automated bonding evaluation system (ABES) are presented. Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) veneer was used, which was compressed at constant pressure of 12 bars while the temperature and pressing time were varied. The temperature ranged between 25°C and 100°C with an interval of 25°C, while the time period was between 1 minute and 60 minutes. The achieved maximum shear strength was approximately 10 N/mm2, which was reached at all four studied pressing temperature intervals. Based on the study results, we found that the shear strength of fish glue increases unevenly at different heating temperatures. Maximum shear strength values are reached faster at higher heating temperatures. The shear strength of the fish glue bonds was also determined according to the EN 204 and EN 205 standards.


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Sitar, M., Pondelak, A., Grbec, S., & Šernek, M. (2023). Shear strength of fish glue bonds of glued wood evaluated by the ABES method. Les/Wood, 72(2), 49-56.

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