Slovene translation of military slang in Barbusse’s Le Feu (Under fire)


  • Sonia Vaupot University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts



translation, military slang terms, cultural equivalence, World War I


Le Feu, subtitled Journal d’une escouade, is a war novel inspired by the experiences of the author, Adrien Gustave Henri Barbusse. It was published at the end of November 1916 by Flammarion Publishing Group. The same year, the novel received the Goncourt Prize. It was translated into Slovene in 1921 by Anton Debeljak, under the title Ogenj (dnevnik desetnije).
Firstly, the paper endeavours to investigate cultural parallels between World War I in France and Slovenia. Then, we highlight the difficulties in translating military slang. We begin with general information on the writer and continue with the historical and cultural context that gave rise to his work. We also suggest a classification of military slang terms and the procedures adopted to translate it into Slovene.


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Vaupot, S. (2019). Slovene translation of military slang in Barbusse’s Le Feu (Under fire). Linguistica, 58(1), 65–76.