Categories, Root Complexes and Default Stress

Slovenian Nominalizations Revisited


  • Marko Simonović University of Graz, Austria



stress, nominalizations, distributed morphology, default stress pattern, derivational affixes as roots, radical cores


A new account is presented of stress assignment in deadjectival and deverbal nominalizations in Slovenian, explicitly addressing both regular cases and exceptions. The analysis is an extension of the account by Marvin (2003) and is couched in the model developed by Lowenstamm (2014), which views derivational affixes as transitive roots. The main addition to Lowenstamm’s model is the proposal that parts of the structure which only contain roots with no intermediate functional structure (the ‘radical cores’) always receive default prosody. The presented analysis dispenses with lexical stress in Slovenian affixes and derives the prosodic properties of affixed words solely from their structure.


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4. 12. 2020

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Simonović, M. (2020). Categories, Root Complexes and Default Stress: Slovenian Nominalizations Revisited. Linguistica, 60(1), 103-117.

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