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Dear friends,

We are all eagerly waiting the Olympic Games in Tokyo. In the meantime, you can enjoy our first issue of Science of Gymnastics Journal this year. We have entered the thirteenth year of publication. Let’s hope this number will bring us good luck!

In this issue we have many interesting articles.  The first  is by William Sands and his colleagues. They tried to answer the big question whether  gymnastics is rising or sinking. It opens questions we need to consider, including whether to pursue  the Olympic motto  Faster, Higher, Stronger  or perhaps “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is a worthy goal too.

There is a wide spectrum of other important research projects that our authors from many different parts of the world contributed. We are proud of our diversity and the range our authors cover.

We also have a small anniversary, i.e., this issue presents Anton Gajdoš’s 20th short historical note, introducing two German gymnasts, Alfred Schwarzmann (Olympic all-around champion ) and Walter Stefans, who were both members of the winning team at the OG in Berlin 1936.

From  our  June issue onward, we will add a DOI number to each article as the University of Ljubljana  and our Faculty of Sport have been authorized to generate DOI.

We strongly recommend all authors to use Grammarly or Instatext (you can find them using  any search engine  on the internet) before sending their manuscript to the editor. Both tools are free and can improve your writing.

Just a reminder that if you cite the journal, its abbreviation in the Web of Knowledge is SCI GYMN J.

I wish you enjoyable reading and many ideas for new research projects and articles.

Ivan Čuk Editor-in-Chief


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