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Dear friends,

In this issue, we have ten articles with authors from Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Germany, the Republic of Korea, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Tunisia and Chile. The articles cover psychology, sport training, anthropometric characteristics, motor learning, kinesiology, and biomechanics. Among gymnastics disciplines, most are dealing with the man and the women artistic gymnastics, but we also have an article on the rhythmic, acrobatic and the general gymnastics.

Our last issue had the Olympic Games as its theme. If there is interest among researchers, we would be open to preparing another special issue on a theme e.g.  motor control in gymnastics, motor learning in gymnastics, etc.

Anton Gajdoš prepared another article related to the history of gymnastics, refreshing our knowledge of 100 years since the Czechoslovakian Gymnastics Federation was established.

Last year was special as we published a record number of articles, 34 in total. After evaluation, some articles were unfortunately rejected, mostly due to their non-gymnastics content and, in a few cases, extremely poor language. However, last year our journal saw an improvement in the h-index: in SCOPUS it is 7 and in WoS 4. As we haven’t been present in WoS for long, it will take some time to gain the same h-index in both. If we manage to publish more than 25 articles by October, we will fulfil the criteria in PUBMED to have 50 articles in a two year-span and will start the evaluation process to be included in the PUBMED.

We need to emphasis diligent work of reviewers and give them credit to have quality articles. All reviewers in year 2018 are listed.

Just to remind you, if you quote the Journal: its abbreviation on the Web of Knowledge is SCI GYMN J. I wish you pleasant reading and a lot of inspiration for new research projects and articles. 

Ivan Čuk, Editor-in-Chief



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