• Karmen Šibanc
  • Maja Pajek Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana
  • Ivan Čuk
  • Igor Pušnik Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana




palm temperature, thermal imaging, support, swing in support, parallel bars


In sports and exercise science, thermography is used extensively to evaluate athletic performance, to study exercise-induced superficial vascular changes, and to monitor injuries. There is a lack of research and literature on palm temperatures after different loads and our question was how palm temperature differs after static and dynamic loading on the parallel bars since the application is so varied (competitive and recreational sports, physical education, rehabilitation). Thirty-eight students from the Faculty of Sport at the University of Ljubljana were measured using a high-quality thermal imaging camera. Palm temperatures were measured before the load was applied, immediately after the load, and every 30 seconds for a period of 5 minutes after the load. Each hand was divided into nine different regions of interest (ROIs). Mean (XA), standard deviation (SD), maximum and minimum, and number of pixels were calculated. Our study showed that the temperature in the palm decreased immediately after the load, and then began to increase. Within 5 minutes, it reached higher values than before the application of the load, and after swings (dynamic load), the temperature values were higher than after support (static load). Different loads have different effects on the temperature of the hand.


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Šibanc, K., Pajek, M., Čuk, I., & Pušnik, I. (2023). TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCES OF THE PALMS AFTER STATIC AND DYNAMIC LOAD IN SUPPORT ON PARALLEL BARS. Science of Gymnastics Journal, 15(3), 349-366. https://doi.org/10.52165/sgj.15.3.349-366

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