Investigation of Bleaching of Cotton Fabrics with UV-TiO2


  • Semiha Eren Uludağ University, Faculty of Engineering, Textile Engineering Department, Görükle Campus, Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey Author
  • Aliye Akarsu Özenç Uludağ University, Faculty of Engineering, Textile Engineering Department, Görükle Campus, Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey Author



ultraviolet, Photocatalytic, TiO2, cotton


Titanium dioxide exhibits photocatalytic properties under ultraviolet (UV) irradiation. In this study, an environmentally friendly, fast and efficient technique for bleaching cotton fabrics is presented, utilising the photocatalytic property of TiO2. Raw cotton fabric samples were treated with TiO2-containing and TiO2-free treatment solutions (hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide) under UV irradiation in order to bleach the samples. The results showed that cotton fabrics treated with TiO2 were bleached satisfactorily without severe strength loss.


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Eren, S., & Akarsu Özenç, A. (2023). Investigation of Bleaching of Cotton Fabrics with UV-TiO2. Tekstilec, 66, 126-133.

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