3D Printing on Textiles – Overview of Research on Adhesion to Woven Fabrics


  • Tanja Nuša Kočevar Univerza v Ljubljani, NTF Author




3D printing, Adhesion, Woven textile, Double Fabric


3D printing on textiles has great potential to influence developments in various industries. It enables the production of new, potentially personalised products in areas such as technical textiles, protective clothing, medical products, fashion, textile and interior design. 3D printing can also contribute to waste-free production processes. In the method of 3D printing on textiles, the material is applied directly to the textile substrate to create 3D objects, patterns or designs on the surface. The fused deposition modelling (FDM) technology, where thermoplastic filaments are extruded and deposited in thin layers based on a 3D model, is widely used for this purpose. A precise control of factors such as temperature and speed is essential in FDM to regulate the flow of polymer material during the printing process. The most commonly used polymer for 3D printing on textiles using FDM is polylactic acid (PLA). Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is another widely used material, known for its low shrinkage rate and high printing accuracy, while thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is used due to its exceptional mechanical properties, e.g. tensile strength, flexibility, durability and corrosion resistance. Good adhesion between 3D printed objects and the textile surface is essential for the production of quality products. Adhesion depends on various factors, e.g. textile properties, printing parameters and the type of polymer used. The composition of the woven fabric, including the areal density, warp and weft density, yarn count, fabric thickness and weave pattern, significantly affects the adhesion strength of the 3D printed polymer. When considering double weaves, which allow different materials in the upper and lower layers, better adhesion properties are found than at single weaves. A cross-sectional analysis revealed that the polymer penetrates deeper into a double-woven fabric, resulting in improved adhesion. In general, the study highlights the advantages of double weaves for 3D printing applications on textiles.


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